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Human Rights & Religous Freedom Supply Chain Standards

We’re committed to human rights and fair labor practices throughout our supply chain. We’re committed to sustainability in quarried stone products and aggregate production. Re-sellers of earth harvested and processed materials need responsibility for the sources of the products and the ecosystems affected by that production. Without re-sellers the quarries go out of business, for nearly all quarries we are their link with the public.

So we are focused on finding sustainable solutions and will work to promote the development of sustainable social and environmental standards in our industry. The first step in doing this is to identify to the buyers the source of the products we sell, that our competitors sell. We strongly encourage consumes to shop American and Mexican made stone as it makes both of our countries stronger.
There are amazing stone products from China and India. Given the treatment of women and Christians in India and the abysmal human rights records of women and religious freedom in that country we cannot recommend purchasing materials exported from that country.
The list of human rights and environmental abuses in China is so long we are not even going to bother, it is what it is. Get your I-phone, shoes and clothes from there if you wish but there is plenty of ultra high quality stone made here in North America to meet or exceed your needs.
We strongly support trade with Mexico as it strengthens their economy and that is good for both countries.
We acknowledge there is endless work ahead and we will continue to rely on the cooperation and support of everyone involved in the supply chain to achieve progress with our goals.

Supply Chain Standards